Edward Tufte: The Data Artist

Edward Tufte, a “Pioneer of Visual Data Analysis,”  is an artist and statistician at Yale University. His work in visual literacy is reshaping the dialogue on how information is expressed and presented.

I first came upon his book The Visual Display of Quantitative Information at work last year. I love the way he conceptualizes the communication and visual expression of information. He is merciless towards dull and misleading information (coining the term chartjunk), saying “If statistics is boring, then you’ve got the wrong numbers.”  And the student in me snickers in applause of his bold criticisms of Microsoft PowerPoint (with an article in Wired called PowerPoint is Evil!).

And I feel truly lucky that I got to see his sculpture exhibit Seeing Round at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art (a former workplace) in Ridgefield, CT! Staying with the fam has many benefits indeed (aside from eating so many truffles that I get hot flashes). Over the last 10 years he’s developed an outdoor sculpture collection at his home in Connecticut and this is his first major show.

You can see more of his books, writings and sculptures on his website.

The History of Rock and Roll – Edward Tufte
from “Beautiful Evidence” by Edward Tufte
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